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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Goodbye Old Empire

This week I broke up with the rock band I was playing with.
[Goodbye Old Empire!]
There were many factors that lead to this.
I guess it's easiest to say that I was unhappy with some of the decisions that were being made with out me. Upset that I was fed some lines of shit in hopes that I would bite and keep on keeping on. Unsure if these decisions meant that I would be next on the chopping block.

Long story short, I just wanted a clean healthy break and figured that now would be better than later considering the band was already spinning into transition. And the good news is that I've been received well post-break by the rest of the band. They all have sent me well wishes and seem to understand my want to split.

More good news is that I can focus my musical energy on my own projects now. Since I joined Old Empire almost a year ago, I've put my own solo music on hiatus, and any other project for that matter. I'm excited to dive back into my own musical realm and play shows now that I got my stage legs back in business. That's why I joined the Old E in the first place. To meet people in the local scene, play out live, play with some excellent musicians, and just gain insight and experience to how it all works. I definitely got that over the last year, and much more.

So I can't remember if I've shared this on this blog yet, but here:

This is what I've been doing in my spare time with Danny, soon to be my full time musical venture. We're playing and re-writing some older 'Matilda' songs, writing brand new ones, and having a blast.

Let me know if you're interested in this.
If you like it, or think it needs polishing, or don't care at all...
You can even come over and play with us if you wish! [But we'll probably kick you out of the band, just because we've been hurt and wish to do the hurting now.]

I'll leave you with a trip down memory lane.


Hamtown blowout. Julie, Danny, Dan Clark, Sara[h?]

Tempermill. Me and Dave [you know, from Blanche]

Pure 11. This was in a magazine somewhere I heard.

Hamtramck alley. My second show with the band.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

26 and pissed.

Hello blog:
I'm 26 [read: old, washed up, wanna-be man], and this isn't Julie typing.

How did you all let me get this old?
I'm still smoking, and drinking, and working a shit job.
I'm close to having my degree, but close isn't good enough.

But enough negativity...
I just like to bitch sometimes.

So birf-day happened on the 29th of April. Came and went with no real black eyes or feathers in my cap.

I was on a week [read: 9 days] vacation. Just went back to work last Monday.
Over my little stay-home-from-work stint we made lots of fires in my new fire pit. Cooked food in/on my new BBQ grill. Played a whole lot of NBA Jam in the shed. Good times.

Friends and family thought it would be nice to have a party for my b-day, and I agreed after some thought. So Julie and I spent a lot of time making our yard and house look nice, invited a bunch of folk over, and the rest was history.

Blurry L to R : Fred, Conner, Tracey, Shannon, Carl, Kalli, Sophia

Line of chairs.

Fred Man-ing the grill.

Julie + Me.

Another baby Sophia and her mommy Stash.

It was my goal to record some new 'Matilda' [read: solo music project] stuff but it just wasn't in the cards. I had to download a new recording program, and it wasn't jiving with my computer.
So then I wen to Radio Shack and spent 45 dollars on different cables and cords and connectors to try and rig it all up, and instead of working I just spent money on shit I didn't really need.
But it wasn't all bad.
In preparation of recording I got a bunch of new musical ideas bouncing around in my head.
Put those down on cassette tape and stored some in my loop pedal for a later date.

To wrap up my vacation, me and Julie and Danny played Clue a bunch of times. I lost every time, and Julie almost won every time.

Set-up action!

By the way:
She's on my shit list for being so damn good at Clue.

That is all.