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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

October 9th, 2011


I just wanted to take the time to let everyone know that Julie and I made a blog for our wedding. The blog includes information, pictures, links, etc, so that everyone knows what to expect. The blog will also be used as a place to update info during the wedding, so you can see photos and video from our "I do's" as well as after the wedding, so you can follow our honeymoon adventure.

The link is above.

That is all for now.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Year Older... for both of us

So quite a bit has happened since our last post.

Here are a few highlights.

Julie and I both had a birthday, separately of course. Her day was back on February 20th and my day was yesterday, April 29th.
Over the past "End of Winter/Beginning of Spring" months, we made snow forts when it was cold, and BBQ'ed when it was nice.
I deleted my Facebook.
Julie made a sock monkey and cool bracelets out of buttons.
We hung our TV on the wall.
We drank and smoked and played games.
I worked on new music with the band I'm in [Songs from the moon], started a new electronic/beat based music project [Dr. Morris Leifer], and started writing new songs for my solo folk/noise music project too [Matilda].
Julie cleaned the house in lingerie, which just completely solidified the fact that I'm head over heels in love with her and can't wait to marry her.

Here's proof.

And a whole lot more has happened, but I'm a bit too hung over to keep using my brain, so I'm just going to post pictures. You'll get the gist.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Looksie! Pictures! Photos!

Hello Bloggers.
Julie and I are still alive, still in love, and still getting hitched come October.
I've decided to upload a few photos of things that have happened over the past few months.
I didn't have time to upload the NYE stuff, but here are some X-mas and move-in pixxx.

Xmas-ish photos!

Penny [at rest], Julie [on Facebook] and me [playing guitar].
Tree [bottom right].

Julie looking very pretty by our tree.

Julie and Penny [blurry] by the tree.

Penny in the jacket Julie made for her out of an old winter coat we had.


Back in November, Julie and I moved into a new house.
Because we've been busy, I haven't really posted anything about it yet, so here's our move-in photos...

Only a few months late.

Unlike the last house, a basement you don't think you'll die in.
Laundry corner.

Long backyard for growing pups.

Julie in the living room with boxes.

"Possible 3rd basement bedroom" = Shaun's music room.

Now an office, then a storage room.
2nd bedroom.

Basement, rec area... Where the Sega and dartboard are now.
So fresh and so clean.

Our bedroom, pre-bed set up.

First item in fridge...
and was the only item in fridge for the first few days.
That and a few hot-n-ready pizzas.

Clean, clean, clean basement. Very nice.
Storage area.

Hardwood floors all up in dis bitch.

Corner toilet.
Seriously, the best toilet placement, ever.

New Stove, Microwave - Old table.

Julie in the kitchen. New Fridge, corner sink.
Someone really loved corners.

How we ended move-in day.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Save the Date

Attention Internet:

I, Shaun P Wisniewski, will be marrying Julie V Koziara in the fall of 2011.
There's a chance you'll be invited, and a chance you won't.
Our budget is only going to allow us about 80 guests, and after family, that leaves about 20 open seats for friends...
So if you're family, you're probably going to receive your "save the date" soon.
If you're a friend, cross your fingers, or start sending bribes my way.

That is all for now.

Life is good.

I'll elaborate more later.


Monday, October 11, 2010

October, September, August, July... and the future

It's been a while since I blogged... So what's going on?

Well I got a new job. I work at Plum Market in Bloomfield MI. I ring up groceries and bag them up. I mingle with the rich all day. It's fairly nice. My co-workers are great for the most part. The clientele spend more on groceries in one trip than I make in 2 weeks, but they're mostly kind and cheerful. Every job in customer service has downsides, has assholes and such, but overall I like the job a lot.

Julie is still grooming pups. She gets raises all the time. It's almost comical the amount of times she comes home and says, "I make this much now." I feel like the minute I announce her hourly raise it'll change, so we'll just say she makes much more than me, and will continue to make more than me until I hit the lotto.

Julie was sick for a few weeks. Really sick. Bad G.I. issues, and she lost a bunch of weight... She had a stay in the hospital for a week or so. The docs couldn't say for sure what the heck was wrong, but they discharged her with a bunch of different drugs and they seem to help. She's been feeling better, which is wonderful.

We are moving soon. November 1st we get the keys to our new place. We're both very excited. The new house we're renting is very nice, and we signed the lease for 2 years, so we'll be there for a bit. The move will probably be the easiest move I've ever done. The new house is right around the block from our current house. It's a 2 bedroom ranch with all new appliances, hardwood floors, nice big basement, etc. The address is 851 Silman if anyone wants to visit in the near future... Maybe we'll have a house warming party. We'll see.

Here are some pictures of when we moved into our current house. Trip down memory lane on 675 Jewell.

Our bedroom.

Danny's weird room. 2 doors.

Matt in the upstairs kitchenette.

Boxes and shits, looking through dining room to living room.

Music/Art room.

We had a nice stay here, aside from the strange land lord issues... and the occasional roommate disagreement. Like, "Matt, I'm still waiting on the money from 5 months ago..." - or - "Danny, please stop throwing things like chairs and entertainment centers off the balcony and leaving them in the backyard, broken for weeks..."

But no big deal. we all survived. It's time to move on... To nicer, smaller pastures.

Those are the big changes as of recent.
Everything else is still going along normally.
I'm writing new songs, and Julie is make new art.
Penny is still spoiled and the cats still hate her.

I'll try and update more.

Just seems like I have little time to do things like this now.

Oh well.

Thanks for checking in.