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Thursday, March 18, 2010


So, I went on AIM today.
You remember AIM?
That instant messenger service everyone was so obsessed with, pre-social networking explosion days? And even now, people are getting sick of Facebook and Myspace and just tweeting all the time now, and using chatroulette. Almost like we're going backwards.
Now we're back in chat rooms like AOL 3.0, and instant messaging through twitter to no one really.

I went on AIM to see if anything would happen.
Nothing did, so I left.
Still saw people on my buddy list signed on. I wondered if those people just have their old computer from 2001 stuck in a warp somewhere, and because of that they're still on AIM. Their screen name still sits on buddy lists being unnoticed and unused.


Just felt weird about AIM, and needed somewhere to blow off steam about it.

In other news, recently found out about this site called BandCamp and it's the Cat's Ass. It's a music streaming site, but it is so clean and has so many nice features. You have to check it out to see what I mean. And if you're a musician, then you'll love it even more. The site caters to the bands as well as the fans. It's just really, really neat. Here's their home page so you can watch the little explain-er video.

I uploaded the entire "Matilda" (my solo music) catalog to it over the last couple days. Here's the link to that. All 10 albums are free and available at the highest quality.

And here's a nifty little player.

<a href="">Dream Catchers and Well Drinks by Matilda</a>

Other music news: Matilda will most likely be playing a show next Friday. I'm not sure of the details just yet. All I really know is that it's a house party and Chelsea Schirmer invited me to play it with her [as well as some other acoustic-ish performers], for it'll be her last show in the Detroit area.

Old Empire has a show this Saturday at the Lager House. And we picked up another show next Sunday, but I don't remember where.

Spring has sprung and so has my creativity!

Aside from that, we sold the cougar the day after we put it on Craigslist. 500 bucks. Felt really good about that when it happened.
I'm still slightly sick, and it's been over a week. It'll be 2 weeks of not being 100% on Sunday of this week. It's been really weird. I haven't been sick like this in quite some time.

This is all for now... I'll leave you with some strange Matilda related pictures.

My twin brother Fred Durst Wisniewski

Easter 2008 basement show.

Recording the cover album "Blankets and Quilts" with Fred and Ryan.

Random guitar track picture.

Enjoy the music!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sick Day...

Today I took a sick day. Called into work.
Still feel under the weather.
Though the weather is wonderful today [low 50's and sunny], I'm freezing.

In other news, does anyone want to buy a slightly used Mercury Cougar?

Aside from the above pictured, it's in very nice shape. I'll take any offer over 200 dollars.

As talked about in a previous blog, here are a few blowout pictures.

Our terrible write up in the Metro Times.

Danny being Danny.

Julie learning how to slow dance. Dude, that's my girl, dog.

The band getting ready.

Gabe [probably] giving us all a pep talk mid-show.

Like I said before, we had a wonderful time playing that night. Everything felt good/nice/right. People seemed to be happy/impressed while we were on stage. Maybe they were all just drunk because we didn't go on until 1:15AM, but they liked us none the less.

I have to make a craigslist posting now to try and sell this car.
Wish me luck.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I'll take the gun.

Good afternoon blogosphere.
[Always feel weird about that word]

Today I'm dying from the inside out. My head is cloudy. My throat is closed. When I stand I feel like falling over. My body buzzes with bad feelings all over. Like all of my parts were in a blender for a while. Blah.

I spent my morning looking for jobs and going through my old hard drive. Found some neat stuff in there. Lot of pictures from 2004-2006. Weird times, and even more weird pictures.

Probably singing Dashboard Confessional

Julie! Circa 2004

My first solo concert at Xhedos.

Ryan, Kyle, Rachel at the Xhedos show.

"Grand Caminos" Photo Shoot [fake band from Green House Holmes Hamtramck era]

Found some videos from when I was recording "People Only Listen to Recorded Music" Found all of my old albums [from when I had a CD collection] I haven't heard in a long time. Found a bunch of music from the old days that I had some sort of part in. Tom Kelly's first album that I played drums on. Some of Jason Edgil's old music that I helped record. Tin Can Phone album [Folk duet project between me and Jason] Me and Laura Shortt covering Forest Porridge songs... And on, and on, and on.
All in all it was a nice trip down memory lane.

I used to think that I had the most extensive collection of Hazel Park music. Now I think I just have the most obscure and random collection.

Julie got another raise today. She now makes more than me [more than I've ever made at any job], which I like. Just solidifies in my mind that I need another job ASAP. I'm very happy she's doing things she likes and gets paid for it.

And I'm off to work now to make all my co-workers wish they didn't have to work with someone so sick and pissy.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sleep is for the weak and intelligent

At this point, I've been awake for 22 hours. I have to report for work in 45 minutes. I'll be there from 6:45am to 2pm.

Then sleep.

Tonight was Old Empire's Metro Times Blowout gig. Everything went fairly well. It felt good playing. Had a nice response from the crowd [during and after]. We got lucky and a lot of nice people stumbled in on our show, and though most of them only stayed for 3 or so songs, all seemed to be having a good time. We were headliners at Skippers [or "Skipper's" - there were two signs with two different spellings. One of which had me picturing 1950's children skipping along, the other had me thinking about Gilligan]. Our scheduled play time was 1am to last call.

All in all, a decent night for Old E.

Julie and I killed time before bands by drawing penises on pictures in the Metro Times. I know it's childish, but sometimes it's the best and funniest way to make the clock hands move around a little quicker.

I think Julie took pictures of us tonight. I know I took a few before we went on. If there are any worth seeing, I'll post them.

Sadly, none of the bands I saw tonight really stuck out. A couple bands had a couple decent songs, but I kept feeling bored. Maybe it was me. Maybe I was just not feeling like seeing a show tonight... who knows.

My coffee pot is beeping. Time to down pot of java number two before I drive to hell, I mean... Hell [It's a place. A terrible, awful, no good, life sucking place. It should be capitalized.]


Here's to sleeplessness. Here's to no one covering your shift even when you need it off.

Here's to you.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back in the mitten...

Back in the mitten again. Back to normalcy, whatever that means.

Back to work, and Penny, and band practice/shows.
[Speaking of which, Old Empire @ Skippers in Hamtramck on Friday. Metro Times Blowout gig]

On Tuesday, Julie got a new car. A big black '02 Blazer to own the road in. Very nice automobile. Picked it up for just under 4 grand. She took out a small loan to pay for it, and is making payments to the bank with a decent rate. I'm very happy to have that whole car fiasco out of the way.

Had to update my Windows 7 because I was using an evaluation copy. Somehow I lost a lot of the programs I had installed on my laptop over the last 6 months. Well, they're not lost, but I'll have to reinstall all of them soon. It's been quite the pain in the ass. But it's nice to have a clean start. I can now figure out what things I liked/needed and what things I didn't/don't need at all.

I made this as our new desktop background.

I also submitted some more writing to different online sources. Crossing my fingers about that but not holding my breath.

For anyone who is interested, I post pieces of creative writing here:

I miss the warmth of FL.

A few more pictures from our trip:

Normal picture hot spot at the Fort.

Tourists in Orlando.

Unsure of something [most likely our sobriety] in Ybor.

Feeding birds was a bad idea near Gulf of Mexico.

I'm excited for spring. I heard some bird doing it in the back yard today. I stood in the sun for quite a while, just taking it in. Penny ate some poop, and I yelled at her and threw her Frisbee across the yard/

That is all for now.