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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Year Older... for both of us

So quite a bit has happened since our last post.

Here are a few highlights.

Julie and I both had a birthday, separately of course. Her day was back on February 20th and my day was yesterday, April 29th.
Over the past "End of Winter/Beginning of Spring" months, we made snow forts when it was cold, and BBQ'ed when it was nice.
I deleted my Facebook.
Julie made a sock monkey and cool bracelets out of buttons.
We hung our TV on the wall.
We drank and smoked and played games.
I worked on new music with the band I'm in [Songs from the moon], started a new electronic/beat based music project [Dr. Morris Leifer], and started writing new songs for my solo folk/noise music project too [Matilda].
Julie cleaned the house in lingerie, which just completely solidified the fact that I'm head over heels in love with her and can't wait to marry her.

Here's proof.

And a whole lot more has happened, but I'm a bit too hung over to keep using my brain, so I'm just going to post pictures. You'll get the gist.