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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Looksie! Pictures! Photos!

Hello Bloggers.
Julie and I are still alive, still in love, and still getting hitched come October.
I've decided to upload a few photos of things that have happened over the past few months.
I didn't have time to upload the NYE stuff, but here are some X-mas and move-in pixxx.

Xmas-ish photos!

Penny [at rest], Julie [on Facebook] and me [playing guitar].
Tree [bottom right].

Julie looking very pretty by our tree.

Julie and Penny [blurry] by the tree.

Penny in the jacket Julie made for her out of an old winter coat we had.


Back in November, Julie and I moved into a new house.
Because we've been busy, I haven't really posted anything about it yet, so here's our move-in photos...

Only a few months late.

Unlike the last house, a basement you don't think you'll die in.
Laundry corner.

Long backyard for growing pups.

Julie in the living room with boxes.

"Possible 3rd basement bedroom" = Shaun's music room.

Now an office, then a storage room.
2nd bedroom.

Basement, rec area... Where the Sega and dartboard are now.
So fresh and so clean.

Our bedroom, pre-bed set up.

First item in fridge...
and was the only item in fridge for the first few days.
That and a few hot-n-ready pizzas.

Clean, clean, clean basement. Very nice.
Storage area.

Hardwood floors all up in dis bitch.

Corner toilet.
Seriously, the best toilet placement, ever.

New Stove, Microwave - Old table.

Julie in the kitchen. New Fridge, corner sink.
Someone really loved corners.

How we ended move-in day.

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