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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shows and tell.

Hello reader.

It's your friendly neighborhood internet neighbor here: Shaun "the wiz" Wisniewski.

A few things:

We [meaning me and Danny K.] played a show last Friday with "The Dead People" [Jason Edgil and Chops] and Jason did some dance/karaoke type things to close out the night.
It was a house party, which is always fun. Half of the people there are there for the bands and the other are there to get wasted and try to bump into members of the opposite sex. It's kind of like a bar, except you usually know everyone there and wish you didn't by the end of the night.

Here are some pics from the event.

Julie on the porch

Jason rapping with porn on TV

Brian's arm, Katie, and Danny pre-show on the porch

Jason and Chops play as "The Dead People" while Brian glares at them shirtlessly

Me and Danny playing songs.

All in all, it was a good time. Some video and audio were taken of some of the performances which I may post once it is all sorted out...

If you're at all interested, I have a blog dedicated to the music project Danny and I are birthing, and you can find it here:

In related news, my friend Chelsea is coming into town this week, and we're planning on doing a quiet acoustic show in my backyard on Friday. Not sure yet who all is playing... Me and Danny will do a coffee house type show with minimal amplification, brushes instead of drum sticks, etc. Chelsea will for sure play. Some other musical things will happen too. I'm trying to leave it more open ended in hopes that people just want to initiate song sharing and the like.

And in other, different, yet related news, check this out:
But if you don't want to click that link and just read, look below this line:
A few friends and I are going to start renting a building in the area for rehearsal, recording, playing shows, making art, having art shows, etc.

The idea is to start a collective of like minded creative people and have them all chip in to make a sweet space to do what they love. And on top of that each person can help the other out...

Say I'm recording an album, and need a drum track, I can ask someone in the collective to help. Then I'm done recording, and I'd like some art for the cover. Ask someone in the collective. And I want to sell the CD, or make vinyl, I could throw a show, ask some of the other musicians to fill out the bill, ask an artist for a T-shirt design to sell, charge 5 bucks at the door, etc.

And this is just one scenario.

So hopefully, in the coming months, me and some close friends will be hard at work inside a big building in Ferndale and being much more productive in what we all love to do.

This is all for now.

Excitement seeps from my pores now-a-days.

Always looking for a brighter future.

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