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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Friday night was an odd night.

Old Empire had a short show at the International Pop Overthrow Fest.
Got the the bar around 8:15. Went on stage to set up around 8:45. At about 9 o' clock we played for 20 minutes. Left around 9:35, and got home before 10 to meet up with some friends who were coming over.

Julie had invited Katie and Brian over for calm and cool evening of wine, and maybe a movie, or something.
So I asked Fred and Andrew if they wanted to come by also... You know, to make things more interesting.
Then my roommate Danny gets home from the show and brings with him all of Old Empire, and some other friends/girlfriends of band members.
This was good though, because before this the "calm get together" had turned into a race to get drunk so that no one is as awkward as them sober selves.

So now, it's a party. There are about 15 people here just drinking and laughing and carrying on. And I start to get in the groove. I'm feeling good. I'm on my fourth beer, and just going with the flow of things.

Then Andrew asks me to try his "Frank Wine." [Frank is his girlfriend's father who makes his own wine] - I do. It tastes pretty good, a little too sweet because I think it was a Merlot, but still good none the less. So then Andrew pours me a glass of it, and he drinks from the bottle. I'm still trying to drink beer, so I'm chasing this wine with beer, because I don't want to be rude, I mean, Andrew just took the energy to pour me a glass, and even though I don't want the drink I drink it. On top of that, I don't want him to think that I don't like the wine, because I did, I was just already 4 beers into my night, and I don't know about you, but when I mix, I pay for it.

So I start to mix beer and wine [not in the same glass, but might as well have been.]
I had the above mentioned beers,
then Frank Wine,
then another beer,
then someone wanted to make me a mimosa so they did,
then Julie got tired and asked me to finish her drink,
then someone asked me to try their mix drink [melon vodka and something something],
another mimosa,
then another beer,
then we were out of orange juice, so someone was mixing up wine and sprite, and made me one of those...

It all went down so quick. Things really get moving when you're drinking.

Finally it was pretty late. Everyone gone but Fred and Andrew. There was something going on, or tha just went on, a fight or argument, with Brian and Katie that I was too drunk to understand or know with a right mind what to say or do in the situation. So I told Fred I was going to bed, and to make sure the house gets closed up when he left, and to call me tomorrow. . .

But I actually, probably said, "Frdd. I cnann't stod up ennemor. Ihghatta goto bed now.[mumble] Whellya luck up dudde, and cull meh, and[mumble] habe agud might tomight [mumble mumble]"

I go in my bedroom, take off my clothes and get in bed. Fall asleep for about 10 minutes and something wakes me up. I feel a little gurgle in my belly, so I put my jeans on backwards and go to the bathroom to try and puke.

I lay on the floor for a few, drink some water from the sink, throw up finally, clean up myself as well as the bathroom, put my pants on correctly and go back to the bedroom. I undress again and go to bed.

I fall asleep a second time. This time I'm sleeping for about an hour. 45 minutes or so. I wake up at 4:15 in the morning puking. So I'm trying to hold it in my mouth while I'm getting out of bed, but I can't so I'm trying to hold it in my hands as I'm running to the bathroom but that fails too. It's very dark, but I'm sure I just barfed all over my bedroom, probably on my clothes and bed. And now I'm in the bathroom really just puking my guts out. Nude, and freezing cold on the bathroom tile with a trail of puke that leads from my side of the bed to the bathroom, I'm in there throwing up for almost a half hour straight.

Julie comes to the door.
"You need anything?"
"I need clothes!"
"You puked all over the dog"

I open the door, all the puke is gone because Julie cleaned it up. The dog is outside and won't come back in because she's really scared and confused at how her pep-pep can wake up and start making growling noises and cover her in warm stinky slime. I'm wrapped in a bath towel because I was shivering, nude, in a pile of my own cold puke on the bathroom floor.

"Thanks for cleaning."

I go to the bedroom, get some old clothes on, go back in the bathroom and sleep a while.

I woke up yesterday, and got dressed to go to a wake. And that's what I did yesterday. Mourned the dead with family I don't see often and pretended like I didn't spend the night before covering my dog in puke from drinking too much.

All in all pretty solid weekend.

Today I work.

And tomorrow I call about a job interview... again.

But this one seems promising, so, I don't want to jinx it, so if something good happens, I'll post it here.

And here are some random picture of things that went on the past couple days since my last post. Bubbles and show and cleaning and wake and etc.

Sonic the Shed Hog!!
Turning our shed into an old school game room, or maybe just a general hang out area. We have a TV and couch and old stereo in there. Need a mini-fridge and some decoration.




Blurry Bubbles.

Bubble movie...

[Done with bubbles now]

Cousin Stefan with his baby boy Eddie [Post Wake]


Short Show at IPO.

In a car. Think we were on our way to Subway. I mean Taco Bell.

Art Room finally slightly more organized, but coming along.

This is all for now.

Good day.

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  1. Sounds like new Bukowski writings ha...I remember that night, kind of.