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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Christ was resurrected... But not before a number of my friends got hammered at my house. All in all a good time was had. It was a DIY Cocktail fest. I bought a large amount of party supplies and made a list of cocktails you could make with everything. Though it was a good idea in theory, in practice, it was not.

Everyone was pretty much sloshed after 2 drinks. But, aside from a few messes and some big bumping egos, no real issues came of a house full of wasted arty types.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and dressed up.

Pen and Julie

Blurred kitchen folk

Alexis and Shaun picking a play list

Cheers from Alexis and Fred

Brian and Julie early in the night

Fred and Julie posing.

Cheese! from Katie and Carl

"Take a picture wiff me!" She said.

Then started dancing like a fool.

The only non-issue issue that transpired.

Aside from that, not much has been going on. Julie and I have been working a bunch since vacation. Paying bills and spring cleaning. Trying to make our outside [front yard and back] more livable. I've been riding my bike a lot. Normal end of March/ early April stuff.

Oh yeah... I played a solo show a few weeks back. That was really cool.



Speaking of solo stuff...
Danny and I have been working on our little music project. We've decided to play some old Matilda songs and re-work them in a band setting, as well as the new stuff we've been writing.

Hopefully we can get that project more polished and maybe play some shows. Maybe record the new stuff. Not really that concerned about it. I'm having a great time playing music and that's all that counts.

And, of course, Old Empire is still playing shows all the time and it's always fun, even if sometimes we fuck up an entire song and just quit in the middle.
If you're interested, this Saturday at the Majestic Cafe.

Come on down.

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