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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back in the mitten...

Back in the mitten again. Back to normalcy, whatever that means.

Back to work, and Penny, and band practice/shows.
[Speaking of which, Old Empire @ Skippers in Hamtramck on Friday. Metro Times Blowout gig]

On Tuesday, Julie got a new car. A big black '02 Blazer to own the road in. Very nice automobile. Picked it up for just under 4 grand. She took out a small loan to pay for it, and is making payments to the bank with a decent rate. I'm very happy to have that whole car fiasco out of the way.

Had to update my Windows 7 because I was using an evaluation copy. Somehow I lost a lot of the programs I had installed on my laptop over the last 6 months. Well, they're not lost, but I'll have to reinstall all of them soon. It's been quite the pain in the ass. But it's nice to have a clean start. I can now figure out what things I liked/needed and what things I didn't/don't need at all.

I made this as our new desktop background.

I also submitted some more writing to different online sources. Crossing my fingers about that but not holding my breath.

For anyone who is interested, I post pieces of creative writing here:

I miss the warmth of FL.

A few more pictures from our trip:

Normal picture hot spot at the Fort.

Tourists in Orlando.

Unsure of something [most likely our sobriety] in Ybor.

Feeding birds was a bad idea near Gulf of Mexico.

I'm excited for spring. I heard some bird doing it in the back yard today. I stood in the sun for quite a while, just taking it in. Penny ate some poop, and I yelled at her and threw her Frisbee across the yard/

That is all for now.

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