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Monday, March 8, 2010

I'll take the gun.

Good afternoon blogosphere.
[Always feel weird about that word]

Today I'm dying from the inside out. My head is cloudy. My throat is closed. When I stand I feel like falling over. My body buzzes with bad feelings all over. Like all of my parts were in a blender for a while. Blah.

I spent my morning looking for jobs and going through my old hard drive. Found some neat stuff in there. Lot of pictures from 2004-2006. Weird times, and even more weird pictures.

Probably singing Dashboard Confessional

Julie! Circa 2004

My first solo concert at Xhedos.

Ryan, Kyle, Rachel at the Xhedos show.

"Grand Caminos" Photo Shoot [fake band from Green House Holmes Hamtramck era]

Found some videos from when I was recording "People Only Listen to Recorded Music" Found all of my old albums [from when I had a CD collection] I haven't heard in a long time. Found a bunch of music from the old days that I had some sort of part in. Tom Kelly's first album that I played drums on. Some of Jason Edgil's old music that I helped record. Tin Can Phone album [Folk duet project between me and Jason] Me and Laura Shortt covering Forest Porridge songs... And on, and on, and on.
All in all it was a nice trip down memory lane.

I used to think that I had the most extensive collection of Hazel Park music. Now I think I just have the most obscure and random collection.

Julie got another raise today. She now makes more than me [more than I've ever made at any job], which I like. Just solidifies in my mind that I need another job ASAP. I'm very happy she's doing things she likes and gets paid for it.

And I'm off to work now to make all my co-workers wish they didn't have to work with someone so sick and pissy.


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