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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chatroulette [Dear God Save Us All]

You: hi
Stranger: Hola

[If you can understand the layout presented above, I'll see you later on, cam to cam.]

Last night Julie and Andrew and I [Shaun] went out to dinner at the Red Coat Tavern and had really good food, and even better beer, and had gotten there just in time. As we ate we watched the line at the door grow longer and longer. We were seated fairly close to the door, so by the time we were getting the bill we were surrounded by people on all sides. Julie had sent me a text message about her "nips being hard" because the door kept on opening and closing right behind her.

Waiting on the bill, this conversation happened.

Andrew: Have you guys know about Chatroulette?
Shaun: What?
Andrew: Chat roulette.
Shaun: Never heard of it, partly because I still don't know what you're saying.
Julie (to Shaun) : What did he say?
Shaun: [Shrugs]
Julie (to Andrew) : What is it...
Andrew: OhMyGawd. It's an old school chat room where you randomly get connected to someone else via web cam. Anyone on the site. At random. It's so weird. You're looking at them while they're looking at you. And you can interact with these people. Type in a chat box, or just talk through your computer mic.
Shaun: It sounds weird.
Andrew: It's awesome. So much fun...
Julie: Sounds fun.
Andrew: This is what you get. Like, every 5th cam is a guy jerking it, or like a 12 year old kid flipping the bird, or a close up of fat girl cleavage. A lot of Asians giving peace signs. A ton of college dudes looking for girls to show boobs, and most girls will show boobs, like you don't even have to ask nice, you just type BOOBS and whoop, off goes the top.
Shaun & Julie : HAHAHHAHA!
Andrew: But you can find cool people on there, and just talk about whatever. I met a young couple from Chicago the other day and we talked about urban exploration of abandoned buildings for like 25 minutes. . . . .

Sooooo, Chatroulette happened when we got home.
Julie and I got cams of dicks, and boobs, and 12 yr old kids flipping the bird, and frat boys and people from around the world. Older 30 something guys, a grandmother, room full of teenagers, some Indian looking dude, a gay couple with a guitar but neither of them would sing or play, then 3 guys with guitars covering "1,2,3,4" by Feist. And more dick than I could count in between there, but you win some, you lose some. All the while, all of these people got cams of me and Julie while we held up our cats, put on digital costumes and talked with people.

Very odd experience, but fun, and neat.

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