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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Castle at night.

Fire Works

Spectro-something or another parade.


God Damn Disney! [Magic Kingdom entrance]

Saturday was Julie's birthday [Happy Birthday!] and we went to Magic Kingdom. Wonderful day, weather wise. Beautiful outside. 70's and sunny out.

Ton of fun.

Rode rides. Ate below average food for outrageous prices. Ran around like we were 7 years old again. Saw a bunch of iconic stuff. Took pictures. Played Tourist and loved it.

All in all great day Saturday, all day.

Happy Birthday hat.

Tea cups.

Cindy's house.

Holy crap.

Here's a video of the tea cup ride.

So... Today, [Sunday] was a more lazy day. After getting home from Disney last night, Julie and I were both exhausted.

Woke up later than normal. Had coffee. Dad made breakfast. Spent some time on the back porch soaking up sun.

Went to the ocean. Well, Gulf of Mexico, but it's ocean to me. Dug in the sand. Walked the shore. Collected shells. Just had a nice easy day.
Also saw this sweet fort built in the early 1900's. Got pictures of all that too, but I figured I'd wait for those.

We leave tomorrow.

Kind of bummed.

Been having a great time though.

Awesome vacation.

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