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Friday, February 19, 2010


Good morning.
Yesterday was our first full day in FL. We woke up at the hotel Thursday, hit the road by 9am, and made it to my [Shaun's] Dad's house by noon.

Dad took Julie and I [and his two dogs] to a nice little hidden beach area by a big bridge. Met some bums who lived there, as well as some dead fish. There was a whole week where the temperatures in Tampa were so cold it killed a ton a fish and they all washed up when the tide was high. It was strange to walk along the water and see all kinds of fish just dead on the beach. It was a really neat little area. My Dad's always been good about finding secluded, cool areas.

After that we dropped the dogs off, and went to this Pier park a few blocks from his house. Walked around the park and up and down the pier. We could see downtown Tampa across the bay. Really cool. Really terrible graffiti on the pier. Just random cuss words written everywhere. Very funny. "FUCK SHIT BITCH WHORE FUCKER" ... I mean, c'mon kids. Let's get creative.

After that we drove around Dad's neighborhood, looked at the town a bit. Came back to his house and sat in the sun room talking. Had a few beers, and watched Law and Order out in the sun. We waited for Sherry to come home so we could go out to dinner.

We went down to Michell's Fish Market where my step-sister manages the bar, and had a very nice dinner. Very, very nice restaurant. Great service. Wonderful fish. Live piano. The works. Talked with my step-sister for a while. She was working, so she couldn't sit with us the entire time, but we got some info back and forth.

Came back to the house, and took it easy for the rest of the night. All in all, a good first day.

Today is going to be more of the same...
Sun, fun, and relaxation.
Tentative plans for the day:

See the ocean/manatee
Ybor City
maybe going to the Animal Shelter

We'll see.

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