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Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Day After

Yesterday [Sunday] was Valentines Day. We didn't really celebrate. Instead, we went to Subway, visited Julie's parents, cleaned up messes after Penny, Chatrouletted, and watched Arrested Development.

We did our Valentines stuff the night before. I [Shaun] took Julie out to the mall to buy her a new bathing suit for our Florida trip, then to Cirilla's for her to pick out anything she wanted. Ended up that all that shopping was worth it. Although I have a hard time dealing with the public in large quantities, I had a lot of fun. Mostly because I was with Julie and we usually have fun together.

Today is Monday, and we leave tomorrow night. Today will be a day of packing and figuring out car renting and so on. Last I checked it was mid to high 60's in Tampa all this week, which will be perfect. Not too hot, but not cold by any means and perfect weather for exploring Tampa.

It's going to be like this.

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